How to order staff ID cards?

Order ID cards for your members of staff couldn’t be simpler with Lesar UK, we look after everything, from design to print.

The process usually starts off with an initial enquiry from a visitor to www.­lesar.­co.­uk once the enquiry finds its way through to our ID Bureau team they simply call you to discuss your requirements. Once we’ve got all we need i.e. your company logo, details of design we begin the process of artwork:


The artwork process is usually done within the hour of your enquiry being dealt with, we design the card in a way that it conforms to the general purpose of an identification card but keeping in mind the company’s profile.

Once the design has been drafted up we’ll send this across on email for you to confirm, once confirmed you’re onto the next step – Upload.


This process usually daunts on a lot of organisations, our aim is to make this process as simple as possible. We provide you with your own database to which you will populate with all the relevant information for your staff id cards. Next step – Despatch.


We aim to print and despatch your ID cards within 3 – 5 working days receiving all information and confirmation of design, as soon as the cards leave our shop we’ll send you a quick email letting you know they are on their way.

For more information on Staff ID Cards, read our dedicated product page, email or call 0800 622 6201 and ask for Lewis Towers.

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