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Personalised Lanyards - QUICK TURN AROUND - Express Delivery

On many occasions we get customers asking for a really quick turn around for personalised lanyards, So we decided to offer an additional service the Express Delivery Personlised Lanyards.
The Express Delivery Personlised Lanyards are supreme quality at half the delivery time. With a delivery time of usually 3 - 5 Days after Artwork approval our personalised lanyards have become very appealing if you need them urgently.
Abit about the quality of the Supreme Quality Lanyards
The lanyards are made from a smooth fine weave polyester which makes wearing lanyards even more comfortable. The lanyards are personalised through out and are printed by a Dye Sublimation process, which duplicates your artwork and logos across the whole of the lanyard in high definition.

We also incorporate a safety breakaway attachment on the back of the lanyard which detaches at one end of the lanyard to avoid any tugging, if detached simply lock them back together.

Personalised Lanyards have various attachements available and depending on how your going to use the lanyards, whether there going to be used for ID Cards, Bottles, Event Cards, Mobile Phones, Plus Many More this will determine the attachements needed.

Lanyards are FANTASTIC for advertising, if your an event company and give out lanyards to attendees going down the personalised route is the right way to go, Why? many people after attending events use lanyards for a personal use whether its for holding their keys or mobiles, thier continued use of your personalised lanyard gives you the ultimate advertising tool to help get your brand / company noticed.

About the Service

At Lesar UK we have a full team dedicated to your order, if you are unsure about the artwork or don't have any specifications leave it to us, we will ensure that your lanyards look great and do the job required job. ALL PART OF THE SERVICE
Our Personalised Express Delivery Lanyards are available in four widths: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. If you would like more information on personlised lanyards please feel free to contact us.
Kind Regards
Lesar Team