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Part number: Secure-STAFFID


If standard plastic ID cards are not secure enough for your then look no further as we at Lesar UK have the most secure cards on the market.

We have eight security features, which we can implement onto your staff ID card design.

UV UV (Ultra Violet Ink) this is a great security feature for your staff id cards, it is used widely by many organisations such as the DVLA who produce driving licenses. If you get a UV light and shine this over a driving license, you will notice a pattern, this is only visible by the UV light, and this is a great way of boosting your security on your staff id cards.

GuillocheGuilloche is another great feature to be considered; when we design your staff id cards, we will also create you a unique Guilloche pattern, which is printed in the background of your id cards. This security feature is very hard to duplicate and is an easy way to make your staff ID cards unique and even more secure.

HologramHologram, this is our most popular feature it is used by companies all over the UK. We simply overlay your card with a stock hologram this enhances your ID cards security instantly and makes the ID card look professional. We can create a custom hologram if required on large runs.

FotoDot-TechFotodot Technology, this feature is a new feature and is a unique way of making your staff ID cards look secure as well as feel secure. The feature is built up out of a series of unique microscopic images, which are printed on holofoil, the images can only be seen under a microscope. As the images are in high, detail but very small, this technology increases the security of your staff id cards.

Interference-InkInterference Ink is again another way of making your staff ID cards secure, we simply get your logo and screen it down to one shade, this is then printed onto your staff id card, it appears to be a clear ink, however, when looked at from a different angle the image appears in different colours.

Micro Text (Small Text) is printed so small that to the naked eye it appears to be a single line, however, under a magnifying glass you will notice that the line is really text, which is unique to each card. This is a great anti-counterfeiting deterrent for your staff id cards. Suggested use would be for the NHS organisation.

All these features are great and used widely across the country, if you would like more information about the seven security features please call us on 0800 622 6201.

Please remember that you don’t need to have all these features on your staff id cards this isjust an overview as to what we can offer.

If you would like standard staff id cards - click here

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