Zebra 800012-944 YMCKKI Colour Ribbon - 415 Prints


The Zebra 800012-944 is a YMCKI Ribbon which means it has the following panels:

Yellow (Y)

Magenta (M)

Cyan (C)

Black (K)

Black (K)

Inhibitor (I)

Zebra 800012-944 YMCKKI Ribbon are for both single and double sided cards. The YMC panels and one K panel are used for the front of the card, whilst both the Black (K) and the Inhibitor (I) panels can be used on both the front and reverse of the card. The Inhibitor (I) panel allows cards with Foil or Signature Strips to be printed on because the Inhibitor (I) prevents the retransfer film from printing in those areas. The main use of the I Panel is due to signature strip cards as the over laminate will make it difficult to write on.

To maximise the print quality it is best to use Orginal Zebra Ribbons, if you would like a price on the 800012-944 YMCKKI Ribbon please contact us via the request more information button above.

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