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  • Hand Sanitiser with Digital Display
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  • provisit

    ProVisit Visitor Management System

    ProVisit is a self hosted visitor management system designed to improve site security, manage visitors, employees and contractors.
    Rating: 5.0 of 5
  • displa­ysa­nitiser

    Automatic Hand Sanitiser & Digital Display

    Automatically update your displays according to the latest government guidelines with the digital display and automatic hand sanitiser. Enquire today for more information.
  • P-IA-651459

    Smart 31s ID Card Printer

    The Smart 31s is a single sided printer, ideal for printing all types of plastic cards. Industry leading 5 year warranty, free next day UK delivery. The Smart 31s is easy to use and capable of printing 156 colour cards per hour.
    • £599.00
  • sanitiser-5l-gel

    Hand Sanitiser Gel 5l - 70% Alcohol - Made in the UK

    Hand Sanitising Gel is a UK Made, fast drying 70% Alcohol hand sanitiser that kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses.
    • £54.95
  • dispenser-5l-alcohol

    Sanistand Pack (Stand, dispenser + 5L Alcohol)

    The Sanitising Station is the perfect solution for encouraging staff and customers to maintain regular hand sanitising to help minimise the spread of viruses.
    • £275.00
  • foot-op-sanitiser

    Foot Operated Sanitiser

    The foot operated sanitiser is the perfect solution for encouraging staff and customers to maintain regular hand sanitising to help minimise the spread of viruses.
    • £325.00

Who we are

Lesar UK have been providing all things identification whether that be visitor management software, personalised lanyards, ID card printers, label printersstaff identification, access control or parking permits for over 14 years. We pride ourselves on the ability to assess our customers' requirements and work with them on a professional yet personal level. Our customers range from primary schools all the way through to high security government organisations. We hope from our website you understand what Lesar UK stands for and what we aim to achieve with the products we supply.

With well over 1 million lanyards provided and even more ID cards issued, we are confident that we have the facilities, expertise and experience to offer guidance and support in security.

By utilising our team, together we can ensure your company or organisation will improve it's on-site security and health & safety policies. This can range from visitor & contractor identification / management through to staff monitoring & access control.

Read more about Lesar UK here.

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