Membership Cards


Many businesses today have the facility to offer their customers a complete membership card, which ensures repeat business, however having the funds to be able to purchase an in-house membership card printer is becoming more and more of a struggle in the current climate.

We can offer both a cost effective and affordable solution for your membership requirements; we will supply you with desired amount of plastic membership cards to which you can distribute amongst your customers when they come back with repeat business you will be reassured that your membership cards are working and bringing the business you desired.

Tip: Did you know that you could completely design your cards? From shape to colours make your designs stand out, after all your card will be in your customers wallet and they will be constantly seeing the card not to mention brand awareness.

Who does the artwork?

We have a dedicated team who will help and assist in creating your membership cards.

Can I send my own artwork?

Yes, when sending your artwork please follow the below guidelines.


  • 86 x 54mm Design
  • 5mm Bleed
  • CMYK Colours