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Datacard Printer Ribbon FAQ's

Q: What are the different types of printer ribbons available for Datacard?

A: YMCK, YMCKT(Full-Colour), CMYKP, Topcoat(Overlay), Monochrome, KT Monochrome.

Q: Are all the printer ribbons genuine?

A: Yes. Every ribbon we stock is sourced from official licensed distributors. Found a cheaper ribbon online? Let us know we'll price match it.

Q: Do printer ribbons expire?

A: Card ribbons have a shelf life of about one year, this varies depending on the manufacturer. We advise to use your ribbons before this period to prevent panels from breaking during the printing process.

Q: How should I store ribbons?

A: We recommend storing your ribbons un-opened and out of direct sunlight until the ribbon is used. This prevents the ribbon from collecting dust and debris which could alter the card quality.

Q: Can the same ribbon be used for different printers?

A: Yes. If the ribbon is compatible with the printer from the same manufacturer then it can be used. If not, check the printer specification sheet which should indicate which ribbon is required. We always recommend using a fresh ribbon for a new printing job to ensure the highest quality print is achieved.