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Contractor Software

Our Contractor Software system can also be integrated with a self registration module If required.

Contractor Software

Contractor Control Software – Key Features

  • Simple book in procedure that produces ID badge with Photo and signature of compliance if required
  • Pass can be set to cancel out after a set number of days if required
  • Pass can be printed on a paper pass for short term visits or plastic card for longer term visits or on our new re writable Id card
  • Control Inductions and renewals
  • Link the contractor to work being done and produce additional permits which can be stored in our software
  • Link all passes, inductions, permits to the contractor with our software

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Manned Contractor Control

Manned Reception Contractor Control

Ideal if you have a busy reception, either sign in by the self registration or by the receptionist
RWwrite ID

Re-Usable Visitor Card System

Our new rewrite technology now allows you to rewrite the same card upto 500 times.