Evolis Quantum


Evolis Quantum

The Quantum card printer is the solution for printing and encoding cards in large volumes. It personalizes the cards front and back, in colour or monochrome, with a printing speed of more than 1000 cards per hour. Quantum combines the feel of a desktop printer with the power of an industrial printer for centralized production of plastic cards in large quantities.

Quantum is ideal for delivering large volumes of:
  • ID badges
  • Loyalty cards
  • Transit passes
  • Event badges
  • Student cards
  • Payment cards
  • Phone cards


Chip Encoding Encoding Options Ethernet High Volume Mag Stripe 

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The Evolis Quantum is the only plastic card printer on the market to offer a total printing autonomy of 1000 cards in full colour  Latest introduction to the family of products from Evolis, the Evolis Quantum is ideal for high volume badge perso­nali­zation. With a 1000 card capacity for its card feeder, hopper and colour ribbon, the Evolis Quantum is the only printer on the market to offer such a printing autonomy in full colour.

This autonomy is even reinforced in monochrome mode thanks to a 5000 cards/roll capacity for the black ribbon. This dual-sided and easy-to-use printing system personalizes pre-printed and blank cards with high resolution texts, logos, photos, and bar codes. It also offers the options of magnetic encoding, smart card encoding, and contactless card perso­nali­zation.

Designed for service bureau, access control or any other high volume applications, the Evolis Quantum is as easy to use as a desktop printer. To make it even more convenient, the two card feeders and the two hoppers are selectable and work totally independently from one another. This enables the possibility to manage two or more different types of cards at the same time. Each hopper has a reject box for defective cards. These technological innovations make this printer completely autonomous.

Start your print job before leaving the office and, on your return the following morning, your cards will be done!

The Evolis Quantum from Evolis combines high autonomy, ease of use and low cost.


Thanks to its feed tray and stacker with a capacity of 500 cards each, the Quantum printer can deliver more than 1000 cards per hour in monochrome and more than 150 cards in color. With the reversible encoding module that is independent from the print module, the cards are encoded and printed in a single pass.


The printer comes standard with a removable encoding module for combined encoding of magnetic stripes, contact smart cards and contactless cards. Quantum can be customized on-site to meet your specific needs as they evolve.


Quantum was designed to simplify and speed up every day operation and maintenance:  Load and retrieve the cards without removing the storage trays (on unlocked version) Check the card level at a glance LCD display showing printer status and consumable levels.


Quantum can handle large volumes of cards with very high print quality, providing a very economical alternative to industrial card printers. You can produce your cards yourself instead of having to go to an outside provider.


Quantum’s components, including its metal frame, were selected to ensure durability and reliability over time. The sealed cover as well as the cleaning process effectively protect against dust and dirt. Thanks to Quantum’s top quality design, you can be sure that your investment will last.


With our standard warranty covering 500,000 insertions the first year and our optional warranty extensions, you don’t have to worry about a thing.


The Quantum card printer is easy and simple to use; but if your having trouble and need some help, take a look at the videos below. Simple to understand and follow, these helpful videos can help you whether its starting up the printer or cleaning it.

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