Fargo DTC4500


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Fargo DTC4500 ID Card Printer

The versatility of the DTC4500 is unsurpassed from loyalty cards to sophisticated access cards with embedded electronics. Empowered by an extremely robust and highly-reliable print engine, this high-volume printer delivers speed, power and versatility rolled into one.

High capacity ribbons enable the DTC4500 to print twice as many full colour cards than most printers before the ribbon has to be changed, providing continuous high quality-card printing and encoding.

The DTC4500 offers field-upgradable options for migration to higher levels of security in the future:

Optional card lamination for applying over laminates to produce high-secure cards that resist forgery and increase card durability; and unique, dual-sided simultaneous lamination also saves time with increased throughput.

Dual-sided printing module provides more space for card holder information and security features like duplicate photo and digital-signature.

Technology encoding modules encode data for magnetic stripe, proximity, contact and/or contactless technology cards, such as iCLASS®, for access control or other applications.

The DTC4500 combines a high level of security with the convenience to easily print what you need, including:

Built-in security with password-protected printer operation and fluorescent panel printing for a cost effective and dynamic increase in card security.

SmartScreen™ graphical display provides easy-to-follow prompts to be sure you’ll always know the status of the printer.

Standard dual-input card hopper for increased capacity or management of multiple card types.

Easy integration into existing IT infra­struc­tures through the built-in Ethernet and USB connection, allowing for centralized or remote ID card issuance.

Industry’s first inline card printing and technology card encoding with one connection using USB or Ethernet connectivity.

Fully compatible with Asure ID® card perso­nali­zation software for badge design, database management and technology card encoding.

The FARGO® DTC4500 is built with Genuine HID™ technology and is fully interoperable with other products in the HID ecosystem, enabling organizations to leverage their existing HID technology investments.

Optional Features:

EthernetEncoding OptionsMifare EncodingMag Stripe


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The FARGO® DTC4500 printer/­encoder is the workhorse of HID Global’s FARGO Direct-to-Card printer line. With its heavy-duty engine and high-performance design, the printer comes with a standard dual-input card hopper for increased card capacity and the ability to manage more than one card type at once. High-capacity ribbons enable the printer to produce more full-colour cards than most printers before the ribbon has to be changed, reducing user intervention and printer downtime. This printer is the number one choice for fast, high-capacity card printing and encoding.

With easy set up and a user-friendly SmartScreen™ graphical display for print status, the DTC4500 is extra­or­di­narily simple to use.

Fargo DTC4500

Part No Ribbon Description Images Panels Click To View Product
45203 Fargo 1 Panel 2000 Images Blue 45203 blue DTC4500
45204 Fargo 1 Panel 2000 Image Green 45204 green ribbon
45213 Fargo 1 Panel 500 Images YMCK 45211 Black Ribbon
45207 Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Image Gold 45207 Gold Ribbon
45211 Fargo 1 Panel 1250 Image Premium K 45211 Black Ribbon
45201 Fargo 1 Panel 3000 Image  Premium K 45211 Black Ribbon
45205 Fargo 1 Panel 2000 Image  Red 45205 Red Ribbon
45208 Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Image Silver 45208 Silver Ribbon
45202 Fargo 1 Panel 3000 Image Standard K 45211 Black Ribbon
45206 Fargo 1 Panel 2000 Image White 45206 White Ribbon
45209 Fargo 6 Panel  500 Image YMCFKO Fargo Colour Ribbon
45212 Fargo 7 Panel  400 Image YMCFKOK Fargo Colour Ribbon
84053 Re-Tranfer FIlm 1500 Image Clear 84800 HDP Film
84067 HDP Film 1000 Image Clear  84800 HDP Film
  • Sided Printing: Single or Dual
  • Print Method: Dye-sublimation / Resin Thermal Transfer
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Print Speed: 24 seconds per card / 150 cards per hour (YMCKO)
  • Accepted Card Sizes:
    • CR-80
    • CR-79 Adhesive Back
  • ENERGY STAR Certified Product: Available on non-lamination configurations which provides organizations with a high-performance, energy-efficient photo ID printing solution that supports corporate green initiatives and helps reduce costs. 

    As part of its new ENERGY STAR rating, the default time for sleep mode has been lowered from two hours to five minutes, and printer design enhancements reduce the power consumption when in standby or sleep mode. Additionally, the ENERGY STAR FARGO DTC4500 is turned on and off using the power button versus plugging in the power cable.
  • Field-Upgradeable Printer Options:
    • Single Wire Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface for in-line printing and encoding (note: single wire Ethernet encoding is only available for iCLASS and contact smart card encoding)
    • Ethernet with Internal Print Server - Standard Feature
    • Dual-Input Card Hopper (200 cards) - Standard Feature
    • Same-Side Input/Output Card Hopper - Upgradable
    • Card Lamination Module: single-sided or dual-sided (simultaneous) - Upgradable
    • Smart Card Encoding (contact/­contactless) - Upgradable
    • Magnetic Stripe Encoding - Upgradable
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