Joan Meeting Room


A simple solution
for a smarter office

Joan helps you reserve and manage your conference rooms. Prevent double bookings, confusion, and meeting interruptions. Place Joan next to a room to book it remotely or on the spot and receive weekly reports on your conference room usage.


A new era of workplace

The time needed to find a meeting room is reduced to zero. Increase the productivity of meetings and save company time and money.


Optimize scheduling & finding

Quickly find and schedule everything you might need in an office. Meetings, free meeting rooms, desks, huddle spaces or even co-workers. Book meetings on the spot, through your existing desktop calendar or your mobile phone.


Elevate office experience

Joan integrates into your office and eliminates what bothers office workers the most. It takes your meeting culture to the next level and adopts your company logo, style, and language in no time.


Boost office efficiency

Joan detects and eliminates any unattended meetings, uncluttering your calendar and freeing up space and time. Take the guesswork out of your office management with Joan's meeting room usage analytics.

Devices that help you
meet better


Joan 6

Remote or on-the-spot booking on an interactive touch screen. The most popular Joan device comes with advanced Wi-Fi encryption and meeting room analytics for a comprehensive overview of your resources.

The best choice for companies that experience meeting interruptions or double bookings.


Joan 13

Built to be a versatile information board in any office, Joan 13 showcases information based on your needs.

Joan 13 can also be applied in areas such as hospitality, wayfinding or transpor­ta­tion.


Joan Home

Joan empowers you to do better work at home by eliminating all interruptions. It shows your current availability and the timetable for the day. Place it next to your working area so it's immediately visible if you're on a conference call or available for any questions.

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