Magicard MA600KO Black Monochrome Ribbon with Overlay - 600 Prints

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Magicard MA600KO Black Ribbon with Overlay
(600 Prints)

The Magicard MA600KO monochrome ribbon with overlay is designed to produce expert looking images on your card utilising MA600KOs' black resin to produce accurate text, detailed quality barcodes and more on your card using Magicard card printing systems.

  • Black Panel [K], Overlay Panel [O]

Product information

  • Genuine ribbons from Magicards' distributor
  • Full Colour Ribbon
  • Manufacturer part number: MA600KO
  • Up to 600 single-sided prints per roll
  • Up to 300 dual-sided prints per roll
  • Up to 3 years card lifespan

Colour Identification



  • The protective varnish overlay allows for a better lifespan of your prints.
  • Magicard ribbons are tested and quality assured bringing you printing reliability.
  • Produce up to 600 single-sided or 300 dual-sided print quality outputs.
  • 300 DPI resolution expert presentation guaranteed for each print.


The color ribbon is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with thin layer of specialized coating. The concentration of colorant is very low and they are insoluble in water. In the printing process they only diffuse at temperature above 50°C.


To get the most out of this product, we recommend using the ribbon within one year and storing it in a cool, dry environment absent dust and direct sunlight which can damage the panels from heat exposure. The precise lifespan of ribbon supplies will vary by manufacturer and model, but as a rule of thumb most manufacturers estimate that ribbons have a lifespan of up to one year.Once a ribbon has expired, the panels will start tearing during the printing process.

More information

The KO black monochrome ribbon with overlay is designed to print single colour images on id cards. It includes the monochrome black resin panel denoted by the letter (K) and is used for printing sharp and accurate text or barcodes and it includes a final panel called the Overlay for the ribbon which is denoted by the letter (O).

This transparent overlay is a protective varnish that is applied onto the ID cards which helps retain a high quality professional image post-printing which can be used for up to 3 years. This process makes it possible to optimize the quality of printed images and logos with a 300 DPI resolution that guarantees expert presentation on single-sided or dual-sided cards.

Choose a KO ribbon if you wish to print on a single or dual-sided card that requires single black colour presentation.



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