Starter Kit - Smart 21 ID Card Printer Bundle

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What's included? Lets break the essentials down





E-media Starter
Printer Software


Smart 21 ID
Card Printer


100 Blank
Plastic Cards

Full Colour Ribbon
(100 Prints)


This software drives the ID card
printer, enabling design
customisation and print control.

The core device that physically
prints ID card designs onto
plastic cards.

The canvas for ID card
content, serving as the
material to be printed on.

This ribbon transfers ink onto
the cards, creating the design
and text.

On demand printing made simple and speedy at an unbeatable price

The Smart 21s is the most affordable ID Card Printer on the market, without compromising on quality. This compact, lightweight desktop ID card printer is ideal for primary schools, gyms, and small businesses with entry-level, low-volume demands. It features a simple, hand-fed design and comes with free ID card design software.


Simplified On-Demand Card Printing

For those prioritising speedy in-house Staff ID card production, the IDP Smart 21 is your ideal card printer. Its straigh­tforward setup and operation make it the perfect choice for security-conscious organisations needing to generate IDs on demand, bypassing the delay and potential cost of using external printing services.

Unbox, Connect, Print

Some ID card printers can be complicated to handle, but not the IDP Smart 21. Its user-friendly LED operation button guides you through the process, ensuring a smooth and speedy printing process. Simply feed a card into the machine, and you'll be printing in just minutes.

Software? We've Got You Covered.

With your purchase of an IDP Smart 21 through Lesar UK, you'll receive free software to get you started, with support. This hassle-free software not only saves you time and money but also facilitates rapid printing, eliminating the need to organise your own system. The software, like the printer, is remarkably easy to use, enabling you to craft your ideal card in no time.

Security Meets Affordability

If secure ID cards are a necessity, the IDP Smart 21 is equipped with a standard SmartMark, allowing for easy UV design printing on your cards. This feature aids in quickly identifying fake or tampered cards. SmartMark offers a visible transparent overlay panel on your cards, which can be customised with text, images, and logos.

Small Footprint, Big Impact

Looking for a mobile ID card printer? The IDP Smart 21 is one of the smallest printers available, making it perfect for you. Weighing in at just 2.7kg and measuring 168mm x 259mm, it's ideally suited for use across multiple locations, perfect for office use. Despite being a hand-fed device, the IDP Smart 21 doesn't compromise on speed. It prints a full-color card in just 24 seconds and a monochrome card in an impressive 6 seconds.

Immediate ID Issuance

Instant issuance means immediate site access while maintaining stringent security standards.

Dependable Warranty

Every IDP Smart 21 comes with a standard 2-year manufacturer warranty. You also have the option to extend this warranty by an additional 3 years for an extra charge. (Note: The manufacturer's warranty covers printheads for a 3-year period only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the IDP Smart 21 print on both sides of an ID card?

The IDP Smart 21 is capable of printing on a single side of an ID card swiftly and conveniently. If you need dual-sided printing, you might want to consider a dual-sided printer.

Does the IDP Smart 21 come with a printer ribbon and cards?

Unless the printer is included in a bundle pack, you'll need to purchase the ribbon and cards separately. These can be selected through the "add to basket" button before checking out.

Is the Smart 21 compact enough to fit on my desk?

Absolutely. The IDP Smart 21, being the smallest ID card printer available in the market, has dimensions of 179mm x 169mm x 259mm and a weight of just 2.7kg.

Does the IDP Smart 21 allow printing on access control cards?

Unfortunately, the IDP Smart 21, being a direct-to-card printer, doesn't support printing on access control cards. The chips in these cards could potentially damage the printer's printhead. For printing on access control cards like HID, Paxton and others, you would require a retransfer printer.

Have any more questions?

We're here to help! Simply click on our chat at the bottom right of your screen and one of our experts will be able to assist you further, otherwise, happy printing! Alternatively, read our guide on the Smart 21s. Also take a look at our comparison between the Smart 21, 31 and 51 here!


Printing Single Sided
Print Type Dye-Sublimation
Resolution 300dpi (Colour & Mono), 600 & 1200DPI (Mono Only) Edge-to-Edge


Card Feeding Manual / Hand-Fed
Card Size ISO CR80
Card Thickness 0.76 mm (30 mil)
Card Type PVC, PET, Composite PVC

Print Speed

Monochrome 6 sec./card (600 cards/hour)
YMCKO Max. 24 sec./card (150 cards/hour)


Control Panel 1 LED Button
Supported Platforms Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux
Communication USB
Power Consumption 48
Power Supply Free Voltage (AC100/220V, 50~60Hz)
Temperature 15~35 C
Humidity 35~70%


Dimension (W × L × H) 168(W) x 259(L) x 179(H) mm 


Kg/Lbs Approx 2.7kg/5.95 lbs


Anti theft Kensington Lock
Magnetic Encoding ISO 7811 (Track I, II, III Read/ Write HiCo/ LoCo), JIS II


Coming soon
Coming soon

*print speed: May change under specific condition.

What's in the Smart 21s box?

  • IDP Smart 21s ID Card Printer
  • USB Cable
  • Ribbon Cartridge
  • Power Supply
  • Installation Disk & Setup Guide

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