100 Trees Planted!

Trees are a big deal.

From the minuscule dwarf willow (measuring just 1-6cm tall) to the positively gigantic Coast redwood (often checking in at over 100m tall!), we rely on these living organisms to provide us with oxygen, clean pollutants out of the air, and help combat climate change.

Yet in spite of the essential functions that trees serve, it is estimated that 64 million acres of forest is lost each year - largely due to intentional deforestation. To put that number into perspective, the United Kingdom boasts a total area of just under 60 million acres.

Lesar recognises the global responsibility to work towards sustainable development. For that reason, we are proud to support the efforts of One Tree Planted. In 2019 alone, this environmental charity planted 4 million trees to support reforestation and conservation efforts around the world!

For each ProVisit system sold, Lesar will fund the planting of a tree in an area that needs it most. ProVisit offers a refreshing and superior alternative to paper-based visitor, contractor and employee management systems.

Should you purchase an ID card printer from the Magicard range, Magicard will fund the planting of one tree by One Tree Planted. You can browse our range of ID card printers here.

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