Access Control Cards - How they are used?

Access Control Cards are becoming indispensable throughout the world, as they are used every day by many people. The most common place you will find an access control system is on a Door which can be unlocked with an Access Control Card.

Access control cards/systems can vary depending on the type of security level you wish to reach.

An access control system is one way you can control how many workers/­employees access a certain area, or certain information. Modern Access control systems are capable of securing areas ranging from a single door to a wide scaled Networked system of buildings which often include alot of car parks with access control gates. Access control systems can also be use for time keeping and attendance systems for a better level of security.

The main organizations that use access control cards are organizations like Hospitals, government organizations and blue chip companies. The systems read certain information within the cards which enables employees/­workers to access that certain area.

Keypads are a common and cost effective access control system; they are used for single security right of entry. Although these are user friendly, they are less secure than the modern Access control card system.

Card reader is a very popular choice for business access control. Card readers are not only simple to use but easy to replace also in case the user loses it. The lost card can be easily deactivated and a new card is issued in its place. Moreover, these cards can also be used as identification cards.

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