Car Park Passes

Lesar UK have a wide range of car park passes which include Self Cling Car Park Permits, Scratch off parking permits, A4 pop out permits and Rear View Mirror Car Permits.

Car Park permits can be used in various ways, they can be used as a One day only parking permit or a Weekly parking permit or even a Monthly parking permit. Depending on how you wish to use the permits will decide which car permit you need.

Self Cling Car Park Permits

The self cling car pass is an ideal solution to stop un-authorised parking printed on clear vinyl material which is perfect for sticking to windows as it doesn't leave any sticky resindue. The Car Pass can personalised to your exact requirements whether this is a simple or complicated design from one colour to four colour.

Scratch Off Parking Permit

The Scratch off permit is perfect for a one day only use, when the scratch off panel has been scratched the permit is very noticeable and easy to detect. We have supplied these permits to an NHS Organisation and they have made over £50,000 from the permits which are charged at a daily rate. The design of the permit can be tailor made around your corporate image, whether this be one colour or full colour.

A4 Pop out Permits

This permit is very popular with the education sector as the permit can be designed so that it is placed in the bottom right of the A4 sheet, so the college or school can print details or a letter onto the A4 Sheet and sent out to the student/user with instructions on how to use the permit and other usefull information. The permit is peeled off upon use the permit has a self adhesive backing to allow the permit to stick to a car window. These can be designed in full colour or mono.

Rear View Car Permits

The Rear View Permit is an ideal solution if you have a large parking facility as the permits hang from the rear mirror and are easily identified. Ideal if you have a parking attendant as he/she can glance at the permits and know whether or not the car is authorised to park. The permits can be designed with one colour or full colour.

All Permits can incorporate a serialized number so you can keep track of all permits, also you can include a barcode if you wish to sell these on to the users.

If you are wondering which permit is best for you, please feel free to contact the office on 0800 622 6201

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