Benefits and Different Types of ID Cards?

Plastic ID cards are a great security feature for any company, school or organisation. The reason why ID Cards are such a good security feaure is because they identify every person on site, if someone isn't wearing an ID Card then they are easily spotted and can be escorted of the premises.

There are many different features available for ID cards, you can have single or double sided print, magstripes to signature strips.. The design of the cards can be tailor made to your exact requirements.


  • Full Colour Print or Single
  • Mag Stripe
  • Encoded Mag Stripe
  • Embossed Numbers
  • Chips with Electronic Information
  • Barcodes
  • UV Ink

ID Cards can be made to your exact specifi­cations, all you need to do is think about the different security features and how you would like them to look, ID Cards can also be used for access control cards

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