EasyBadge - Simple ID Card Software

So, you have found the right card printer but have you thought about which software will be best for you? We understand that time can be an issue to many, the last thing most want to do is spend time trying to create an id card design, collecting all the data needed for the ID cards like a picture and job titles.

EasyBadge is a new ID card software that was built with user experience in mind. It allows you to follow some simple steps to get creative and print your ID cards. 

EasyBadge has a step by step wizard to aid you in designing your ID card. It can be set up in minutes, it can reduce the time that you spend printing your plastic ID cards and is compatible with most major card printer brands. 

Advanced support features include an interactive built in help system that allows you to ask a question within the software, not only do you get an answer, you can select EasyBadge to complete a task for you. 

EasyBadge comes with 3 versions:

  • Lite version: gives you up to 100 records! This makes it a great solution if you are a small business or organisation.
  • EasyBadge Professional gives you the ability to have unlimited records.
  • EasyBadge Enterprise has the ability to encode NFC and contactless smart cards as well as having unlimited records. This can be suited to College/­University student ID cards & large business staff ID cards systems.

The EasyBadge App

The free app is available on Android/IOS and also Tablets.

These steps show you how easy it is to upload your details via the EasyBadge app using:

Step 1 – create an ID record using the Easy Badge app

Step 2 – Capture a photograph for your ID card using your Android/Apple phone or tablet

Step 3 – Once you have taken the photo you can simply add details then select tick

Final Step – There will be a cloud icon, once clicked it synchronizes your new record to the desktop software ready to print.

The EasyBadge cloud is a secured cloud server that allows data to be managed and received from multiple sources. It ensures data is available 24/7 allowing lost or stolen cards to be reissued instantly – much better than chasing an order and not having the accurate data!

To view compatible printers with EasyBadge, visit our ID Card printer page.


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