Have you got your Car Park Passes?

How can car park passes help my business / organisation?

Our car park passes are designed around you, from the colour to the information printed on the passes. The permits are fully customised to your needs and agreed prior to print.

We have been providing scratch off parking permits to an NHS Hospital which they have been selling to their staff and visitors. This has created valuable income and is not only reducing the car park admin costs but also generating additional funds for the Hospital.

We have been providing many styles of permits to all different kinds organisations for a long time. The most popular permits are :

  • Self Cling – Vinyl static cling permits for your windscreen – Fully customised.
  • Scratch Off – Ideally, for Daily, Weekly even Monthly visits – Scratch off your day of visit and display clearly in the windscreen of your vehicle.
  • Rear View Mirror Hanging Permits – instantly spotted from afar – Great for 1 day visits – easy to remove and re-attach.
  • A4 Pop out – Great for Colleges and the Education industry – print details on the permit and post out as a standard letter, permit then gets taken from paper perforations and displayed onto windscreen.

As you can see from our selection of permits no matter what your requirements are we can help.

Hint: When we design your permits why not let us use your company logo on the permits. This not only helps identify the passes but also makes your permits like an advertisement. Your corporate image displayed in each car with your logo on show and is a great way to enhance the company’s reputation.

Why not add white boxes to the permit? This will enable you to write the reg of the vehicle or any other information you require.  This additional feature will stops the car park pass being passed around to other vehicles.

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