How and Why? Everything about ID Cards

ID Cards can provide the best source of security, each ID Card can hold personal information about its holder, this information can include the following:

  • Name
  • Personal Photo of the Individual carrying the ID Card
  • Job Title
  • Employee Number
  • Signatures
  • CRB Number if required
  • Company Details I.e. Company name, Company Website, Company Number and Address

Above is the most common information found on an ID Card, the design and content of an ID Card can be open to your exact requirements.

Your company can use ID cards in many different ways; it is important to ensure you have decided “how you want to use the ID Cards” What information do you need to have on show about your employees?

Check List:

1.    Decide which information you would like on your ID Cards (Name, Job Title, Job Number, Expiry Date Etc.)

2.    Company Logo, Do you need one? If your company is branded in a certain way it would be professional if the ID Cards followed suit.

3.    How will the ID Cards work? Will they be RFID, HID, Prox Cards Etc. If you require special ID Cards which are Access Control Cards it is ideal you find out the exact requirements.

Once you have decided on all of the above you are set to enquire about ID Cards, if you would like any assistance or advice regarding ID Cards please contact one of our team members on 0800 622 6201

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