How to make Staff ID Cards?

Want to provide all your staff with colourful yet professional id cards, be able to issue them onsite in a matter of minutes?

Lesar UK have been providing all major brands of plastic id card printers, from Zebra, Magicard, Evolis, Fargo and Datacard for over 10 years. We know exactly what printer will fit your requirements.

The most common type of printer on the market these days is known as a Direct-to-Card printer (DTC) in other words the print head within the machine touches the card when producing staff id. The other type of printer is called a re-transfer, this type of machine produces the image on a film then the film is wrapped / retransferred onto the plastic card.

Lately we have found that the latest model of DTC printer the Evolis Primacy has gone down a storm within the education sector, this printer is affordable yet produces colourful plastic cards instantly. The Primacy is quickly becoming an education standard for a lot of schools / academies across the UK.

Need Advice: We don’t just sell printers here at Lesar, we provide a service. If your after advice or need guidance in choosing a printer then simply call us. As mentioned above we aren’t tied to an individual brand or type of card printer.

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