ID cards our way.

This article is all about our staff ID card bureau.


By the end of this article, you should know some of the most frequently asked questions asked when purchasing staff ID cards like how do we go about the photos for staff ID cards? How do you get the information across for the cards? What will the turnaround be for the staff ID cards? Of course, these are just a couple of frequently asked questions but this article should give you more of an overview to our ID Bureau service.

Why customers prefer our service to others.

We have been providing staff ID cards for over 10 years to companies all over the UK from schools to colleges and small companies with around 10 staff to blue chip companies with over 200 staff.

We find that we supply majority of staff ID cards to the education sector and that majority of our enquiries are due to “word of mouth.”

Our service is built around the customer; we aim to make the service as simple as possible by simplifying all the steps.

Just a couple of our reviews.

 PDS-Hamilton’s - Fantastic Customer Service

Really fast turnaround with excellent results.
Thank you for working with me on this project and I look forward to the next one.

St Anne’s RC Primary School - Speedy and efficient service

Another school in Liverpool recommended Lesar UK to us as we were looking to change/update our school security badges. Lesar UK Ltd was extremely friendly and efficient and we are delighted with their product. I ordered the badges in the school holidays and they were ready and waiting for us on the first day of term. I would recommend them unreservedly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAO)

How do you go about the photos for the ID cards?

We find that the simplest procedure is emailing them across to our dedicated email address for requesting staff ID cards. Simply send any type of photo whether it has been taken of a professional camera or by a mobile phone, no matter what size the photo is we can print them on your id cards. We will crop all the photo’s and ensure they fit to the cards. See example below.


How do you want the information for the cards?

Once you are ready to go ahead and order your id cards we will send you a spreadsheet, okay it isn’t the highest of technology but it does the job, as we say “why complicate things.”

Simply complete the spreadsheet and send back to your contact at Lesar.


What happens if I do not have a design for the ID cards?

Do not worry; we like to use our creativity when designing staff ID cards so we will ensure they look corporate. We can incorporate any logos or images you want for the cards.

Once we have sent you a quote for your staff id cards, simply send us your logo’s, images and a description as to what you would like your cards too look like and incorporate.

I.e. Majority of companies have their names, job titles and contact information on the cards, this is a good base to start.

If we have a design, can we ask you to use it?

Yes, we can take any type of artwork and rebuild this into a printable format; however, we do suggest sending it across in the following format.

  • 86mm x 56mm Artwork with a bleed of 2mm
  • EPS version of your logo
  • Colours to be provided with pantone references.

Don’t worry if the above is a foreign language to you, remember we have a dedicated team who will happily help when it comes to designing your id cards.

If you would like a quote on staff id cards, or you would like more information simply send us your details and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.



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