In the News - Warning about door-to-door sales

When purchasing an id printer for the production of ID cards we suggest you use companies that support Project Genesius, this project is fully supported by the Metropolitan Police to prevent illegal use of printing equipment and false identity cards.

At Lesar we fully support the Project Genesius and are in constant contact with the project leaders to ensure that consumers who wish to use id printing equipment for criminal activity are not able to obtain the products required.

We only supply to companies with a UK registered VAT number - other checks maybe required

Perfect example of consumers using id printers for improper use:

Police this month issued a warning about people selling household items door-to-door. The salespeople are telling householders they are on a rehabilitation programme that is supported by the Probation Service.

The caller identifys himself or herself with a makeshift identity card, which details holder information like photo, and name. They carry large bags that are full of household items such as dusters, dishcloths, clothes pegs etc.

Humberside Police is warning that the Probation Service in any way is not supporting this scheme. 

Read more about this here

A quick way to check whether the company you are dealing with supports Project Genesius is to look for this logo on their website.


For more information about Project Genesius or id printers please contact us on 0800 059 9198 or email [email protected].

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