Top 9 Lanyard Design Tips 2023

Top 9 Lanyard Design Tips 2023

Lanyards have become a common sight in various aspects of our lives. They're often worn by both staff members and visitors, and they offer a fantastic way to promote your business. Lanyards aren't just practical for carrying ID cards; they also serve as a canvas for perso­nali­sation, allowing you to express your individuality and business message to anyone who comes across them. To help you make the most of the promotional potential of lanyards, here are some tips for designing your business lanyards.

Carefully Choose Your Colours:

Lanyard straps come in a wide range of colours, giving you a great opportunity to make a thoughtful selection. While matching your brand's primary colour is a safe choice, there are more creative options to consider when it comes to colour.

Using different colours can help you distinguish roles or access levels. For example, you can use various colours to signify different departments for staff lanyards or to highlight VIP access at events. This not only adds organisation but also promotes the unique features you're offering.

Think about the psychology of colours and how they connect with your brand. Should you go for natural greens and browns, vibrant reds, or the calming light blue? Avoid choosing colours based solely on aesthetics; make sure they convey the right message about your business.

Make the Most of Available Space:

Once you've settled on the lanyard's background colour, it's essential to plan what content to include. Lanyards typically offer limited space, with widths ranging from half an inch to an inch, so you'll want to use it wisely.

Choose your lanyard's content carefully to ensure it's eye-catching and easy to read. Also, consider the length of the lanyard, as this will determine how your design will be repeated or whether it should run continuously. Given the limited space, simplicity often works best. Overloading the lanyard with too much information can reduce visibility and impact. A clean and straigh­tforward design looks modern and professional within this confined canvas.

Pay Attention to Fonts:

The font you choose plays a significant role in readability. While decorative script fonts may look appealing, they can sometimes be challenging to read, potentially obscuring your message, business name, or web address.

In most cases, less is more when it comes to fonts. Stick to one or two fonts to enhance readability and profes­si­onalism. If your logo has a specific font, consider using it for any additional text, or choose a contrasting style to maintain clarity.

Create Contrast:

Using contrasting colours can be highly effective in making your lanyard stand out. Consider adding outlines if your text or logo has gradients or varying light and dark areas; this will help it pop against the background.

Consider Your Audience:

Tailor your lanyard design to the people who will wear it. Whether it's for festival-goers or corporate event attendees, understanding their preferences and the context is essential to create a design that resonates.

Dare to Be Different:

While most lanyards feature a background colour, business name, and a website, there's room for creativity. Depending on the lanyard's purpose, consider adding something witty or a thought-provoking question. This can turn your lanyard into a collectible item, extending its presence beyond the ordinary.

Think Beyond ID Card Holding:

While lanyards are commonly used for holding ID cards, yours can serve a more practical purpose. Consider including items such as hand sanitisers, USB drives, flashlights, or even whistles, depending on the event's needs. A lanyard may seem simple, but its design requires careful consideration. When executed effectively, it becomes a valuable asset in your marketing strategy. 

Embrace Susta­ina­bility:

Consider using sustainable materials for your lanyards. Opt for recycled or eco-friendly fabrics. This shows your commitment to the environment and helps reduce the companies carbon footprint.

Consider Security:

Depending on the environment the lanyards are intended to be used in, adding an additional breakaway clip could prove to be useful. Additional breakaway clips decrease the chance of injury to the person in the case that the lanyard gets caught or stuck as they can snap apart in many other areas.

Ready to Design Your Lanyards? Contact us on 0333 7000 123 and our design team will work with you to create the perfect design for your business, events, or personal use. Choose from a wide array of colours and designs, and add your company logo and custom text to craft the perfect lanyards.

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