Lesar UK have just become an official reseller of Zebra

Lesar UK are pleased to announce that they have officially become a Zebra Reseller, and to top things off we had 3 of our technicians go down to Zebra Technologies on Tuesday 16th November to participate in the Zebra ZXP Re-transfer printer tech course,

Although we have over 40 technicians that are highly qualified in other ID Printers, we thought it would be best to have 3 dedicated techies to help and service your Zebra ZXP Series 8 ID Printer.

If you are after support on your Zebra ZXP Series 8 ID Printer, take advantage of our Printer Support and Service Packages.

Please note that we don’t just support Zebra we also support other manufacturers such as Evolis, Fargo, Datacard, Magicard, and many more. It just means we have 3 dedicated techies locally based to help and service your Zebra ZXP.

So we at Lesar would like to congratulate our 3 Zebra Techies.

  • Warren Hynes
  • Ben Hedger
  • Kieran Barlow

P.s with Lesar now being an Official Zebra Re-seller, why not let us quote you on your ID Printer. You will be surprised at what we can offer and what prices they come at.

Kind Regards

Lesar Team

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