Magicard Pronto 100 vs Magicard 600

The Magicard Pronto and the Magicard 600 are both plastic card printers designed for a range of applications, including employee ID cards, membership cards, and identification cards. Both printers offer reliable, high-quality printing for plastic cards, but there are several key differences between the two printers that may impact which one is best suited for a particular use case.

Printing Technology

The Magicard Pronto uses dye sublimation printing technology, which involves transferring dye onto the card's surface. This results in bright, long-lasting images and text that are resistant to fading, water damage, and tampering. The Magicard 600 uses thermal transfer printing technology, which uses heat to transfer a ribbon onto the card surface. This type of printing is more durable and provides a longer lifespan for the printed cards, making it a better choice for printing secure identification cards or membership cards that are likely to be used frequently.

Print Quality

The Magicard Pronto offers a print resolution of 300dpi, while the Magicard 600 offers a resolution of 600dpi. The Magicard 600's higher print resolution results in sharper, more detailed images and text, making it a better choice for printing intricate designs or logos. On the other hand, the Magicard Pronto's lower resolution is still adequate for printing basic employee ID's or simple membership cards.

Card Capacity

The Magicard Pronto has a card capacity of 25 cards, making it a suitable option for small printing projects or printing cards in batches. Meanwhile, the Magicard 600 has a capacity of 100 cards, making it a better choice for larger printing projects or printing cards in bulk.

Security Features

The Magicard 600 offers advanced security features, including holographic lamination and a secure erase function. The Holographic lamination provides an extra layer of protection against tampering or coun­ter­fe­iting, while the secure erase function ensures that sensitive data is securely wiped from the printer's memory after each use. The Magicard Pronto does not offer these security features.


The Magicard Pronto is faster than the Magicard 600, printing full-colour cards in just 35 seconds. The Magicard 600 takes 55 seconds to print full-colour cards, making it a slower option; however, its higher print resolution and advanced security features may make the extra time worth it for certain applications.

In conclusion, both the Magicard Pronto and the Magicard 600 are high-quality card printers, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The Magicard Pronto is ideal for small printing tasks that need sharp and vivid prints, while the Magicard 600 offers better print quality, added security features and the capacity to produce more cards at a time for larger-scale printing tasks.

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