Changing the MC200YMCKO ID Printer Ribbon for Magicard 300

Changing the MC200YMCKO Ribbon for the Magicard 300


Changing the MC200YMCKO ID Printer Ribbon for the Magicard 300 ID card printer can be daunting, so our expert tech team has made a guide to walk you through the process of replacing the printer ribbon and performing essential cleaning steps to maintain optimal printing quality. Whether you're a beginner or simply need a refresher, this guide will ensure a smooth and successful ribbon replacement and maintenance.

Before You Begin

Before you start, make sure you have a compatible replacement ribbon specifically designed for your printer model. The MC200YMCKO is designed for the Magicard 300 ID badge printer. Switch off your printer beforehand to avoid any damage during the process, to you or your printer.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Open the Printer Cover
Locate and gently open the printer cover to access the internal components, including the existing ribbon cartridge.

Step 2: Perform Cleaning
Regular cleaning helps maintain printing quality. Use an official licensed cleaning kit to gently clean the printer's interior, printhead, and rollers. Be cautious and avoid applying excessive pressure to delicate components.

Step 3: Remove the Old Ribbon Cartridge 

With the printer cover open and after cleaning, follow these steps to remove the current ribbon cartridge:

  • Identify the ribbon handle on the cartridge, typically situated at the top.
  • Grip the handle securely and lift the ribbon cartridge upward to detach it from the printer's housing.
  • Properly set aside the old ribbon cartridge for disposal.

Step 4: Prepare the New Ribbon Cartridge
Unpack the new, compatible ribbon cartridge and remove any packaging materials or protective tapes. Handle the new ribbon with care to prevent any damage.

Step 5: Insert the New Ribbon Cartridge
To insert the new ribbon cartridge into the printer:

  • Hold the cartridge by its handle, ensuring the ribbon faces downward.
  • Align the cartridge with the designated slots within the printer.
  • Gently slide the cartridge into the slot until it fits securely in place.

Step 6: Verify Proper Alignment
After inserting the new ribbon cartridge, double-check that it is correctly positioned in the printer and aligns with the printing mechanism. Accurate alignment is essential to prevent printing issues.

Step 7: Close the Printer Cover
Lower the printer cover back into its original position and ensure it securely snaps shut. This action safeguards internal components and secures the new ribbon cartridge.

Step 8: Power On the Printer
Turn on the printer. An initialisation process will occur, and the new ribbon will be ready for use.

Step 9: Calibrate the Printer (if needed)
In some cases, the printer may prompt you to calibrate the new ribbon. If prompted, follow on-screen instructions or consult the Magicard 300 user manual for calibration guidance.


Changing the MC200YMCKO ID printer ribbon for the Magicard 300 the correct way is crucial steps to ensure consistent, high-quality ID card printing. By following these detailed instructions, you can maintain optimal performance and extend the lifespan of your printer and ribbon.

Always use compatible and official replacement ribbons and handle them with care to prevent damage. Remember to conduct routine cleaning and maintenance to keep your Magicard 300 printer operating at its best.

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