Membership Cards Explained

Loyalty Cards are used all over the world in different organisations. They are used in marketing campaigns which enable you to boost your business by ensuring repeat business.

Please see below a couple of Campaigns you may be familiar with:

1.   The Discount Card: The best example for a Discount card is a membership which is paid for annually, once the customer has signed they receive a Discount Card also known as a Membership Card. Once the customer has received the Discount Card every time they use it they can have discount on certain products or services this is down to the company who is offering the membership to decide what to discount. E.g. Customer pays £30.00 on Hair Treatments which entitles her to have a 10% Discount on anything in store.

2.   Points Card: Usually companies that sell products like Food and Drink normally go for this type of card as this enables repeat business. The Point Card over the years has changed and varied in type. Still companies today use the slot punch system where a customer purchases a coffee and gets one punch slot for their card once the customer has collected so many punches they are entitled for a free coffee. Today’s version of the points system is that cards are swiped and details are logged on a computer for the next visit.

3.   Money Card: Shoppers purchase so many products which have certain point values, once the customer has earned so many points this enables them to spend a certain amount within the store.

Membership Cards can be swiped with Visits, Purchase of Petrol, Hair-Cuts, and Beauty Treatments.

Not only do membership Cards make customers return they are also a good source of Advertisement. Ensure your cards look professional, sleek and easy to read so that customers can show your card to others which will then encourage more business.

These are just a few reasons every business should consider carrying a loyalty and/or gift cards for their business.

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