MIFARE Cards versus RFID For Your ID Cards

MIFARE Cards versus RFID For Your ID Cards.

The World of MIFARE Cards 

MIFARE cards are a type of contactless smart cards. These cards have found use in security, access control, payment systems, and more. In this blog, we’ll dive into what MIFARE cards are, their technology and the security features that make them a great, secure choice for you. 


What are MIFARE Cards? 

They’re a type of contactless smart card that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, enabling them to communicate with compatible devices without physical contact. MIFARE cards come in various models, each offering specific features for different applications.­ 



MIFARE cards have a larger memory than RFID cards and they’re much more secure. They're used for tasks like opening doors, payment and riding transport without actually having to make physical contact. 

RFID cards offer less security than MIFARE cards. They are like digital ID cards that use radio signals to communicate, they're also used for tracking and inventory control.


MIFARE Security Features:

  • Encryption: The data stored on MIFARE cards can be encrypted, making sure all sensitive data is kept confidential. 
  • Authen­tica­tion: MIFARE cards allow multiple forms of authen­tica­tion, stopping unauthorised parties from accessing data. 
  • Access Control: MIFARE cards support access control systems, allowing administrators to decide who can access specific data or areas.


In Conclusion...

MIFARE cards have changed the way we interact with technology in various areas, from access control to contactless payment systems. Their strong security features make them a great choice for those who wish to level up the security of their company. MIFARE cards play an important part in contactless ID security. To print your own MIFARE cards, a Retransfer ID card printer may be necessary. If you require any assistaince, our friendly team is happy to help on 0333 7000 123!

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