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Parking Permit Top 5 Tips

Lesar UK are supplying parking permits non stop to the UK, from Scratch off to Self Cling no matter what your parking requirements are Lesar UK can help.

Here below are our 5 Top Tips for that perfect Parking Permit.

1) Use your Logo to your advantage!

We at Lesar come across many customers asking us to produce parking permits with no logo! use your logo to promote your business, No logo? use a specific font so that copying permits will be near impossible. Your parking permit can also be used as an advertising pass if needed.

2) Number your Parking Permits.

If you number your parking permits it will enable you to keep track of who has what permit, not to mention if a vehicle turns up with a permit with a number that doesn't match your records you know it shouldn't be there.

3) Provide instructions to your permit holders

Be sure to provide information about the permits, I.e. How to report lost permits and how to place the permits. At Lesar most of our permits can have reverse printing so clear instructions can be printed

4) Date?

Are permit holders allowed to display and use them forever? If not add a clear date which will remind the permit holder to renew there permit every year but also to display that a permit is out of date.

5) Choose the correct permit.

Lesar UK supply 4 types of parking permits, Self Cling, Scratch off, A4 Pop out and Rear View Mirror Permits.

Self Cling Parking Permits are ideal for

 Club Parking Permits

 Employee Parking Permits

 Hospital Parking Permits

 Health Club & Spa Permits

Scratch Off Parking Permits are ideal for

 Hospitals Parking Permits

 Colleges Parking Permits

 Universities Permits

 Housing Associations Permits

A4 Pop Out Parking Permits are ideal for

 Colleges Parking Permits

 Universities Parking Permits

 Clubs Parking Permits

 Health and Spa Parking Permits

Rear View Mirror Parking Permits are ideal for

 Temporary Contractors

 Temporary Visitors

 School Permits

 Colleges Permits

 Universities Permits