Self Cling Parking Permits

Self Cling Car Park Passes have been very popular this year so we thought we would answer some of the common questions we come accross.


How will they work for me?

Self Cling Car Park Passes come at a minimum order of 100 and are held to your car windscreen by static which means no sticky resindue is left behing. Simply peal off the reverse card like material and place on the inside of your car windscreen.

How many colours can be printed on the permits?

We print 1 - 4 Colours on the permits as a standard but if 5 colours are required we can do this. We do however suggest you use white on the permits so that we can incorporate writable sections.

What happens in terms of design?

We at Lesar have a team which will design and suggest ideas to produce the required car permit. Whether you need bright and funky coloured permits? or whether you need discrete permits?. We do however tend to suggest having white in the permits so that we can incorporate fields which you can write in for Vehicle Reg or names etc.

How long does it take to produce the permits?

We normally operate on a 3 - 4 Week lead time. However if your permits are urgent we could on the odd occasion try get them to you sooner.

If you could like a quote or more information regards car park passes, please click here.




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