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Paxton Access Control

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Paxton Installation

Did you know Lesar UK have a dedicated team for installing and maintaining Paxton access control systems. Find out more online or contact us for more information.

Paxton Net2 Keyfobs 695-644

Pack of 10 Net2 Paxton keyfobs with Blue Band
  • £24.95
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Paxton Net2 692-448 Proximity Cards with Magstripe - Pack of 10

Pack of 10 Net2 Paxton access control cards with magstripe
  • £23.95

Paxton 692-500 Net2 Proximity Cards | Pack of 10

Pack of 10 Net2 Paxton access control cards without magstripe
  • £22.95
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Paxton 693-112 Net2 Proximity Clamshell Cards

Pack of 10 Net2 Paxton proximity clamshell cards
  • £39.20

Paxton Net2 Handsfree Keyfobs 690-222

Paxton Net2 handsfree keyfobs
  • £29.95

Lesar providers of Paxton for 15 years

Paxton are a leading brand of access control systems. Lesar are a registered installer of Paxton Access Control door entry and control systems and specialise in Net2 access control. The net2 software and system gives an integrated time and attendance solution with the Pro Edition.

Net2 is a software that is installed on to a PC on a number of different window operating systems and allows you to organise up to 50,000 people/users and upto 1000 doors with a full reporting option. In essence the Net2 software allows you to manage different access privledges and create a number of different user reports. 

Features of the Net2 Paxton Access Control System

Some of the other features include CCTV, intruder alarm integration and site graphics. We sell a number of Net2 products on our website and we have added the Paxton part number to help ensure you purchase the correct product for your system. If you do not see the product you are looking for or if you are looking for products for a new installation of Paxton we highly recommend you call us on 0333 7000 123 to ensure the products you are purchasing are correct for your installation.