Primacy - How a Staff ID card is Printed

The Evolis Primacy has quickly become the number one card printer. The quantity and quality of the cards is unique and ideal for businesses who require a large amount of high security cards which look professional and stand out.

But many people wonder how staff ID cards are actually printed....

The process is actually very simple, when you have created your ID card design and are ready to print, all the information is then sent to the printer. When you are ready to print the print head will start to heat up, this is what transfers or presses the ribbon onto the card and transfers the colours that make up your image.  

When printing the blank card is moved through the printer and placed underneath the ribbon. Once the print head has reached the correct temperature, it then pushes the ribbon onto the card and transfers the colour to where the image or text will be, you can see how this works from the image below. 

For a full colour print, the YMCKO printer ribbon is best, this includes the colours Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C) and Black (K). In order to print a mixture of all these colours, for example purple, the printer overlays the different colours one on top of the other until the required colour has been printed. 

Once the images and text have been printed an overlay is then applied over the top of the ID card which will put a shine on the card and protect your card from the wear and tear of every day life.

For more information on the Evolis Primacy Click Here.

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