Proximity marine reader



The Proximity marine reader is made from marine grade stainless steel and is designed to look professional as well as practical. The reader is low profile and has inner and outer circles of light. This lighting arrangement is attractive and gives excellent visibility. A token is read by holding it within close proximity of the reader. Once a token has been read the control unit looks up the access permissions of that user. Access is granted or denied as appropriate. If access is granted the reader is lit in green. If access is denied the reader is lit in red. At other times the reader is surrounded by a constant blue light. The blue light may be switched off or its intensity varied by presenting the supplied backlight dimming card.

Box Contents

  • Plastic - marine reader back plate gasket
  • Fitting kit - Marine reader
  • Packaging - box insert - ACU's for icc-bx01 (cui)
  • Packaging - box OD 190x175x55mm readers (ne3)
  • Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
  • Label - Tech support international
  • Label - Void if seal is broken, 80x30mm
  • Sales Code label, 27x20mm, Paxton EU, CE
  • Metalwork - slotted marine reader backplate SS316
  • Bubble pouches large - antistatic
  • Backlight dimming card
  • Net2 Marine proximity reader

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