School Staff ID Cards

We have been in high demand for school id cards recently, many schools are being targeted for the budget cuts so schools today are finding it very difficult to purchase a system which will enable them to produce high quality staff id cards.

Our ID Bureau Service has become very popular amongst schools across the UK, we feel that the reason behind this is because our service is perfect for schools as well as being cost effective :)

How it works?

Each school gets their own dedicated Lesar Staff Member who helps them in achieving the best possible school id badges, we work on a one to one basis until your id cards have been delivered. We have come across many schools saying the following: "We like to work with people not computers or do it yourself utilities on the internet" we are people!

Once we receive your enquiry regarding school id cards we will call you within 24 hours, this enables us to do some background research about your school, i.e. We look at your logo

After calling you to discuss your requirements we simply make you a couple of designs based on the conversation, we try to implement all the areas you wish to cover by having staff id cards.

Once the designs have been created we will send them across to you via email for approval, if you wish to make any changes to the designs please feel free... After all they have to be right as they're going to be representing your school staff.

After design approval all we need is your staff photos! Either send them to us via email or post. Once received we will simply create a database where all your information is collated to produce your school id cards.

And that's it! Once we have all the photos it normally takes around 4 - 5 days for print and delivery.

If you would like more information about school staff id cards please send us your enquiry via the green button at the bottom, or view our full Staff ID Cards page here.


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