Security features with Barcode ID cards

Security features with Barcode ID cards: Prevent counterfeit and unauthorised access!

Barcode ID Cards are a great way to scan people in and out of your areas.

What are Barcode ID cards?

Barcode ID badges are a form of identification cards that have barcodes printed onto them to help identify users and retrieve information. The barcodes typically represent data about the cardholder or their association. They’re a great way to quickly and efficiently identify users of an organisation or business. They’re commonly used. In settings such as employee identi­fica­tion, student identi­fica­tion, membership cards and even library cards.

What are some of the benefits?

Barcode ID badges offer a cost effective and easy solution for identification and can be easily integrated into systems and company databases. They can be used for access control, the information stored in the barcode allowing and restricting users entry. 

They’re versatile as they can be used within educational institutions and the workplace. They’re able to assist with tracking time and the attendance of the cardholder. Tracking helps record the payroll process of the employees. 

Due to them being barcode ID cards, they can store much more data than a regular ID card. Such as a link to a company website, online profiles, emergency contact information and much more. 

Barcode ID badges play a role in access control, too!

They provide a secure means of controlling entry in specific areas in a facility or workplace. They contribute to access control by authorising entry as access control systems are programmed to recognise the barcode information. Barcodes can also be electronically scanned and verified by the system in real time.


Overall, the use of barcode ID cards enhances security and offers flexibility in managing access and entry, balancing cost and reliability. We print Barcode ID badges! To learn more, contact us! Call us on 0333 7000 123, or send the team an email at [email protected] - no commitment needed!

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