Self adhesive ID Cards

Self adhesive ID Cards

Explore the world of self-adhesive cards and why they’re hassle free and convenient for your business.

What Are Self Adhesive ID cards?

Self-adhesive cards are a form of identification cards but have an adhesive backing, unlike traditional PVC ID cards. Self-adhesive cards are convenient for this reason as they can be directly applied onto other surfaces without the need for extra accessories such as clips or holders. They are most used in professional settings such as business events, conferences, workplaces, schools and universities. They can be designed just like the traditional PVC card.


Super Convenient: The adhesive back can be peeled and can be attached to multiple surfaces. There’s no need to purchase other accessories such as holders, lanyards or clips.

They’re a solution for temporary use: Self adhesives are best suited for temporary use, especially at a business event or conferences where the need for an ID card is temporary. 

They’re easy to apply! There’s no need for any extra tools when applying these. Just peel off the adhesive layer at the back and apply the card to the surface where you would like it to stick to. 

In Conclusion

Save time with their quick application, for both organisers and attendees. In environments that are always on the go, the efficiency of quickly sticking the cards onto clothing gets rid of the hassle of dealing with extra card accessories. Additionally, as accessories are unnecessary for self-adhesive cards, it means less waste generated from clips and cardholders, making self-adhesives an envi­ron­men­tally friendly option! Our ID card team prints self adhesive staff ID badges for you!

If you prefer to print these yourself, contact us and we will assist in finding an ID card printer that meets your needs.

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