Signature Strips: Enhancing Security and Perso­nali­sation on ID Cards

Signature Strips: Enhancing Security and Perso­nali­sation on ID Cards

What is a signature strip?

A signature strip is a designated area on an ID card where an individual can sign their name. Once the signature is in place, the card becomes a personalised identification tool, complete with a visual representation of the cardholder's identity. Strips may vary in size, ranging from a narrow line to a broader area, depending on the design of the ID card. It's a safeguard against unauthorised access, beneficial for identity authen­tica­tion.

Why do ID cards need a signature strip?

Personal Identi­fica­tion.

A signature is a unique representation of an individual. By having employees sign their staff ID cards, organisations create a direct link between the card holder and the card itself. This connection helps prevent unauthorised access by making it difficult for someone else to impersonate the card holder.


Due to security breaches and unauthorised entries being a concern, the signature strip adds an extra layer of authentication and trust. Supervisors, security personnel, and colleagues can quickly verify a person's identity by comparing the signature on the ID card with the one provided on documents or electronic devices.

Preventing Fraud.

Signature strips on staff ID cards act as a deterrent against fraudulent activities. Employees are less likely to share or lend their cards when their signatures are prominently displayed.


A signature serves as a visual acknow­led­gment, enhancing accountability among employees. Whether it's for attendance tracking or document approvals, signature strips encourages individuals to take responsibility for their actions.


How are signature strips a good security feature?

Signature strips on staff ID cards serve as a security feature by uniquely personalising identi­fica­tion. They visually authenticate cardholders, deter fraud by linking individuals to their cards, and enhance access control by indicating authorised areas. Get started printing your own with an ID card printer that supports contactless encoding. For help or additional info, contact us on 0333 7000 123.

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