SMART-30s ID Card Printer

10% Off the Smart-30S!!

The SMART-30S is a reliable, high quality Single Sided Card printer which connects via a USB port.  With the ability to produce black and white or colourful plastic identification cards and access cards. With a wide range of IDP Smart ribbons, you will be sure that this printer will produce outstanding cards to your specifi­cations. Able to produce effective and professional full colour cards in seconds from as little as 10p.

 Ideal for;
  • Identification Cards
  • Membership / Loyalty Cards
  • Staff / Employee Pass
  • Visitor Badges
  • University / Student Pass
  • Conference Cards
  • Bank Cards: Perso­nali­sation of Credit/Debit Cards

This card printer promises real value for money with reliability and ease of use; setting up this printer is easy and simple, you simply plug the printer in via USB and away you go.

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