The Need for Staff ID Cards and ID badges in Workplaces

The Need for Staff ID Cards & Photo ID's in Workplaces

In any industry, and with any business size, the use of photo identification cards will largely benefit your business, especially when used to their potential. Straight away, you can identify people from their lanyard (if you have personalised lanyards). Employee ID cards are convenient, quick form of identi­fica­tion. Safeguard your workers, protect your company assets, streamline security. Not sure how? We’ll explore the advantages of implementing employee ID cards and how they can improve your business in multiple ways. If you want any design tips, we’ve got your back, too!

How to choose the right type of ID for your needs

In all workplaces and offices, it’s critical to protect employees, safeguard company assets, and prevent theft. ID cards can mitigate this issue, but what type is best? Well, that depends on you and your needs! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the four main types.

Staff Photo ID Cards

The standard ID badge used for basic needs is staff ID cards for staff featuring the relevant information like the persons name, job title and company branding, and a photo of the employee. These ID’s work as a basic visual security to determine who is an employee and not. You can clearly tell who is the rightful owner of the staff ID badge with the photo. These are also a fast way to identify the staff members name and position in the company. Struggling for a design? Let us help.

Scannable IDs

A scannable ID card can still include all of the information displayed on a photo ID card. However, it has increased functionality because of the scannable barcode or QR code used. When used with a card reader, these Staff ID cards can keep track of when a worker scans in and out. Along with the visual safety aspect, scannable ID’s are a good way to track who’s in the building at any given time. This is vital information, particularly in the event of a fire. 

Proximity cards and tokens

Proximity ID badges are a more advanced type of ID cards for staff. Proximity cards feature magnetic strips, RFID tags, smart chips, and are commonly known as access control cards. They are used in conjunction with a proximity system. However, not all will be compatible so it’s important to check your system before committing to a purchase. Contact us if you are unsure and we will help you out! When these are used with a Paxton system, you can control access to specific areas, see who’s signed in where, view who has signed in and out assets and when and much more! This protects your people, property, and assets - while keeping the same customisation and easy visual identification as photo ID cards!

Additional uses for ID cards

Along with employee identi­fica­tion, ID cards can also be used to provide a large range of other functions across different sectors. Here are some of the most common and notable uses:

Visitor Passes: allows visitors to enter your premises. It tells you who they are, where they've accessed, and how long they've been there. These IDs can also grant temporary access to certain areas or equipment, if needed. These can be disabled at any point remotely, in the even of an emergency or loss.

Safety Certification Cards: recognises that the employee is certified in first aid, passed a safety training course, such as for operating specialised machines or equipment, administering CPR, or performing lockout tagout procedures.

Forklift Certification Passes: confirms that the employee has been trained and is authorised to operate a specific powered industrial truck. The occupational safety and Health administration requires employers to ensure that vehicle operators are trained and certified.

Membership Cards/Loyalty Cards: allows you to identify customers or clients who are entitled to special privileges, or special deals. These cards can also be used as a good marketing tool, allowing you to collect emails and craft deals to entice customers into returning. These can also help build a better relationship with your customers. 

Event Passes: a great promotional tool when hosting a business event like a meeting, tradeshow, or conference. You can use event passes to showcase your branding and create a memento for the attendee. Additionally, it increases security and marketing opportunity as they provide important information including their name, company, and job title.

Volunteer IDs: identifies volunteers working for an organisation or event and usually includes the person's name and job title. These IDs make it quick and easy for people to determine who they can go to for help, diffe­ren­ti­ating staff from customers.

Best practices for creating employee ID badges

Firstly, the card material. IDs should be durable enough to withstand daily use and expected wear and tear, so we recommend plastic PVC blank ID cards. With options for recycled, eco friendly, coloured, and proximity / access control, we have a large range to find what you need. The standard size for an ID card is CR80, the same as your drivers license, or bank cards. This is approximately 54 x 86 mm.

When it comes to the design of your company ID cards, include these key elements for the most effective results:

  • Company name, logo & branding colours
  • Employee's photo, name & job title
  • Expiry date
  • Barcodes, QR codes, or ID numbers if needed
  • Return address if lost / ownership statement

We print ID badges, so you don’t have to

Don’t have the budget to purchase an ID card printer, colours, and blank id cards? Or maybe you don’t require that many ID cards? The CardHero team design based off your design and requirements, print your ID cards and send them to your specified address! Learn more about how CardHero can save you time and money here.

Implementing an employee management system

To get the most out of your staff ID cards, investing in a quality system, installed by professionals is essential. This will allow you to get the most convenience and security out of your ID cards. We recommend Paxton access control, and we have a team of well trained, knowledgeable professionals to help you out. We are officially recognised by Paxton Access Control as "Gold" Level installers. Learn more at no cost.

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