Top Photo ID Badge Security Features to Consider in 2021


There is an abundance of security features that should be considered when printing ID cards for your business.

When an ID card is being created, certain aspects such as basic information, colour, design and layout can sometimes take precedence over the most important feature of them all, its security.

These features lay the foundation for card security and help reduce the risk of ID card data from being altered or duplicated.

This article breaks down several security elements on an ID card that should be considered depending on the needs of your organisation.

ID Card Photo

The first line of defence for your ID cards is the inclusion of a person’s photograph. Photographs are the most basic security feature that offers a quick and easy way to match a person’s identity with the card photo.

While the presence of a photo on your ID card help reduce the possibility of fraud, they can also be duplicated. They are, however, a good starting point.


Barcodes are the are the most widely used forms of encoded ID cards that are easy to create, and difficult to reproduce because without the actual information contained in the barcode, a forged card will not be able to give out the correct information when scanned with a barcode scanner.

The benefit of having barcodes on your id card is the ability to quickly retrieve encrypted information and identity the legitimacy of the card carrier, which accelerates authentication and signing-in procedures.

Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic stripes are a well-known form of encoding sensitive data on cards. They work by storing data as a pattern of positive and negative stripe fields. When a card is read, the pattern is then decoded, and the information is translated into a usable format, it is as simple as that!

There are two types of magnetic stripes that come with their own strengths. HiCo (high coercivity) and LoCo (low coercivity). We recommend using hi-co for frequently used access cards and lo-co to produce gift and membership cards.


Microtext prints a microscopic text chain onto cards that are not visible to the naked eye. Microtext can only be read with magnification and is seen across many industries as a cost-effective security measure that is difficult to replicate.

Holographic Laminate

One of the simplest yet effective means of protecting your cards is by using a holographic laminate which acts as a protective layer over the ID-card surface which increases the visual security of your ID cards.

The laminate provides protection from wear and tear, but also adds yet another barrier to fraudulent tampering to your ID cards.

The holographic film takes security a step further and it applies a translucent customised image, logo or text over the card that is only visible under certain light conditions and can help prove an ID card is genuine.

UV Ink

Ultraviolet ink is another security feature that can be used on your ID cards. It is a printed layer on ID cards that allows you to conceal information beneath the standard ink.

Shining an ultraviolet light on the surface of the card reveals the UV text and confirms whether the card is legitimate.  This adds an extra layer of discreet security in the event of a card being copied, therefore anyone attempting to duplicate the card may not realise the presence of this feature.


Magicard, a pioneer of ID card printing technologies has a built-in security hologram exclusive to their printers only.

It uses the normal print cycle using standard consumables such as ribbons and plastic cards to produce a transparent image on your cards. The HoloKote image acts as an overlay and is “frosted” onto the overcoat acting as a watermark that is only visible under normal light conditions.

Holokotes can be of a standard design, or optional customisation (depending on the printer) using your company logo, offering high anti-coun­ter­fe­iting card protection and assurance that the ID card has been printed from the original source.


Which features do you need for your business?

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