Essential Features of ID Cards

Essential Features of Staff ID Cards


In the realm of organisational security and identi­fica­tion, ID cards play a pivotal role. They are more than just an accessory; they are a key component of an company's security plan. This article will delve into the essential features that should be on considered for your staff ID card.

Essential Features of Staff ID Cards

The design of staff ID cards should align with the company's branding. This includes the use of company colours, fonts, and logos. At the center of the ID card design is the employee photo. A high-resolution, recognisable photo adds a layer of security and profes­si­onalism. Additionally, the ID should contain the cardholder's name and job title, which helps in identifying the individual and their role within the organisation.

Advanced Features of Staff ID Cards

Companies can equip their staff ID cards with advanced features like smart chips, barcodes, magnetic stripes, and RFID technology. These data encoding features store personal information and other data, transforming ID cards into multi­fun­ctional tools.

To enhance security and prevent fraud, ID cards can include security elements such as holographic overlays, watermarks, or HoloKotes.

  • Holographic Overlays: These add a three-dimensional image to the card, enhancing its security features.

  • Watermarks: These are two-dimensional images that appear over the surface of the card, adding an additional layer of security.

  • HoloKotes: A feature offered by Magicard printers, HoloKotes are not true holograms but rather a "watermark" that appears over the surface of your cards.

Another important feature is the Signature Stripe. This is a special area on the ID card where the cardholder can sign. This provides an additional layer of security as signatures are unique to each individual.

Durability and Material

A quality employee ID card must use durable and high-quality materials, like PVC or plastic. This ensures that the ID can withstand regular use and maintains its appearance and functionality over time. In the interest of environmental susta­ina­bility, some organisations are now opting for biodegradable cards. These cards are made from materials that can break down naturally over time, reducing their environmental impact.


In conclusion, ID Cards are more than just identification tools. They are an essential component of an organisation's security and branding. By understanding the features discussed in this article, organisations can create effective company ID card that meet their needs.

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