Visitor and Contractor ID

Most companies in the UK these days understand quite clearly that anybody visiting their premises, for a whole range of reasons, are required to sign in as an official visitor. They are also aware of their commitment to protect these visitors on each and every visit by offering their most up to date health & safety  Guidelines.

 Additionally, we are becoming ever more security conscious, not just for the security of our premises, but for our staff and personnel as well, and Identification for staff and visitors has become an industry in itself as more and more organisations opt for photographic ID for staff, signing in books for Visitors & contractor, Car park passes and permits, Personalised lanyards and door access cards.

The internet can be a wonderful portal for searching out the best products for the job, but its time consuming, and if you’ve not quite decided how you would like address the issue of identification for staff & visitors,­  trawling the Net can become increasingly frustrating!

We want to keep things simple for you, so we will ask you 3 questions:

  1. Do you have staff, visitors or contractors entering your premises?
  2. Are you unsure you are covering all your respon­sibi­lities for their health & Safety?
  3. Would you like some advise on which products are best suited to YOUR requirements?

If you can answer Yes to at least one of the above questions... give us a call... 0800 622 6201

We’d really like to help.

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