Visitor and Contractor Passes - Why are they important?

Keeping control of your contractors and visitors couldn’t be easier with our Manual Visitor and Contractor Passes!

The modern way of controlling Contractors and Visitors is to install an electronic version of the manual system, at Lesar we have many packages and types of software to suit any requirement in controlling who’s in and who’s out the building.

But the easiest and most cost effective way is to implement Visitor Passes and Contractor Passes. Not only do they look professional but they also do a vital role in monitoring which personnel are on site.

Visitor and Contractor Passes are simple to implement and easy to maintain, with their one use only facility means that tracking and validation has never been easier.

Why should I use Visitor and Contractor Passes?

You might think your site is safe and secure, but can you be sure of all personnel on site? Or how many visits in a day you have received? If you had Visitor or Contractor passes you could control all personnel on site and monitor accurately.

If a fire was to break out would you be able to provide a fire register to the fire officer detailing all visitors who are and was on site? Contractors or Visitors our system provides a full detailed Fire Report incase of any incidents that may occur. We also include a DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) so that the fire officer knows of anyone who is disabled and may need more assistance.

Our Visitor and Contractor passes can be tailored around your company rules and policies, making your corporate company image stand out and show that you’re a progressive company that cares for the safety of people in your building/site.

The main reasons why Visitor and Contractors Passes are so important, Security and safety are just a few of the benefits.

If you would like to know more about our cost effective passes, please call 0800 622 6201 (Landline Friendly) or 0333 7000 123 (Mobile Friendly).

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