Visitor & Contractor Passes

Do your Visitors currently Sign-in on a Visitors Book?

The personalised Visitor Pass system has many features which could prove beneficial to you.

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Health & Safety

 The personalised Visitor Pass system that we provide will have your company name and logo and can be created with a pantone match of the company colours. The register will also adhere to the Health and Safety Act 1974 as it will provide the user with directions to all the fire exits in the building, the procedures during a fire drill, make them aware of the restricted areas (if any) and the procedure if an accident or injury was to take place.


The passes will also adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998, as there will be a carbonated data protection sheet between the pass and the fire register; therefore, protecting the identity of the previous visitor(s). The pass system can also be used as a Fire Register as the sheet at the back of the register will have a carbonated copy all the visitors. This can also be used as a reference to confirm that the visitor has signed and agreed to all terms, conditions and regulations. 

 Please do not hesitate to contact Lesar should you require any further information or if you are interested in a quotation.

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