Visitor Passes

Visitor Passes

Secure Visitor signing in sheets have become more important than ever before and have revolu­ti­ona­lised the way in which companies and establishments monitor visitors on their premises.

In the Education sector, especially within schools it is vital to verify any visitor and ensure they are authorised to be on the site. This is to adhere to Ofsted's report 2009 which was based on the Safeguarding Children’s Act 2008.

In food manufacturing sites, these systems have an additional use of showing an audit trail of the visitors' answers to questions they have to answer before entering food manufacturing sites. These questions are crucial as food manufacturing sites have to adhere to the Health & Safety Executives regulations on Restrictions on entry into Food Handling Premises, 30th April 2011.

The visitor signing in sheets not only look professional and help portray a corporate image, they also enable you to gain control of your sites security by ensuring that all personnel on your site have been accounted for. They are very simple to implement and there is virtually no maintenance required.

Many institutions believe their sites are secure and they adhere to the relevant regulations; however, once you go through the following checklist, you can soon establish if your visitor management system fulfills its purpose or not.


  1. Does your visitor management system allow you to issue your company's Health & Safety information and site safety rules to every visitor and contractor?
  2. Does your system ask your visitor to sign in and confirm they have read the above?
  3. Does your visitor signing in system have a secure expiry procedure, ensuring that every visitor or contractor pass can only be used just the once?
  4. Does your system allow you to issue every visitor with a badge so they can be easily identified?
  5. Does your signing in system protect your visitors' identity and personal information from the next visitor and adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998?
  6. Does your system portray a corporate image by displaying your company logo and colours?
  7. Does your visitor & contractor system have a fire register which is easy to access and is numbered for an easy audit trail?

The above questions should have a "yes" next to each one, only then is your visitor signing in system secure. By implementing a procedure which adheres to the above is very easy and shows that you are a progressive company and helps portray a corporate image for your company.

At Lear we offer cost effective visitor signing in systems which are simple to implement. Bring your company's visitor signing in system up to speed and hand out our secure Visitor or Contractor Passes to the people that visit you in the future.

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