Want to promote your business with loyalty cards?

Loyalty cards are a must for every company no matter what industry you fall under. The way people shop is changing and it is crucial that you move with the trend and don't get left behind.

A simple loyalty card could be the answer to your repeat business, for example buy 5 coffees and get one free. This is a very basic example; however, the concept is purely genius! Everyone loves to get something for FREE and this works on that very concept.. so why would a customer drink elsewhere when they are building up loyalty points for their free coffee. This scenario wouldn't apply in every organisation, however, it will for most.

Our loyalty card system is an out of the box solution, simple to use and very cost effective. You can build and maintain campaigns locally or over the web. Instantly capture the customer’s details for electronic mailing.

For more information please visit our webpage www.­lesar.­co.­uk or call our sales team on 0800 622 6201

Integrate the loyalty card system with our Evolis Primacy Card Printer.

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