What is an employee ID card & what to include.

What is an employee ID card & what to include?

In today's corporate environment, employee ID badges are more than just a means of identi­fica­tion.­ They are essential tools that enhance security, facilitate access to exclusive benefits, and promote company branding. These cards help create a professional and uniform workplace, reflecting the company's commitment to high standards. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, investing in quality ID cards can significantly impact your organisation's image and operations. Let's explore the various aspects of employee ID cards, from essential features to practical tips for creating and maintaining them.

What is an Employee ID Card?

An employee ID card is a crucial tool for validating a person’s employment and role within a company. Beyond mere identi­fica­tion, these cards enhance security by controlling access to company premises. Employees can also use their IDs to enjoy exclusive perks such as discounts and access to company lounges.

Moreover, employee ID cards play a vital role in external branding, showcasing the company’s image and establishing its presence in the competitive market. Professional-looking ID cards reflect the company’s standards and contribute to free marketing, as employees wear them daily.

In the workplace, ID badges foster a sense of profes­si­onalism and uniformity. They are essential accessories that symbolise a professional environment.

What information should be on an Employee ID Card

An effective employee ID card should include several key pieces of information:

  • Name: Clearly display the employee’s name.
  • Job Title: Specify the employee’s role within the company.
  • Department: Indicate the department the employee belongs to.
  • Photograph: Include a clear, high-resolution photo of the employee.
  • Contact Information: Optionally, provide contact details.
  • Certifications: List any relevant certi­fica­tions.
  • Employee ID Number: Unique identification number for each employee.
  • Company Logo: Incorporate the company’s branding.

Additional features like barcodes or magnetic stripes can be added for enhanced functionality, especially if the ID cards will be used in access control systems.

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Creating a High-Quality ID Card Photo

A high-quality photo is essential for an employee ID badge. Ensure the picture is at least 300 dpi, sharp, and clear, showcasing every detail of the employee’s face. Natural lighting often yields the best results, providing consistent quality across various devices. Take multiple shots from different angles and distances to select the best one for the ID card.

How to make company employee ID cards

Several materials are available for employee ID cards, each with its own benefits:

  • PVC Cards: Durable and waterproof, making them the most popular choice. Paired with an ID Card holder and lanyard, these are easily visible, secure and professional looking.
  • Paper Cards: Less expensive but not as durable and unsuitable for physical access control features. However, these can be carried in vinyl holders paired with a lanyard to increase their lifespan.

PVC cards are highly recommended for their longevity and resilience.

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Extending the Lifespan of Your ID Cards

Although ID badges are not designed to last forever, there are ways to extend their lifespan:

  • Choose durable materials like PVC.
  • Use a protective finish or holographic overlay for added durability.
  • Provide lanyards to make it easier for employees to carry their cards without damage.

The Challenges of In-House ID Card Printing

Printing high-quality PVC ID cards in-house can be a daunting task. Considerations include:

  • Printer Purchase: Most plastic card printers cost between £499 to £2,800. See our range here.
  • Supplies: Ongoing costs for printing ribbons, cards and maintenance.
  • Software: Investment in design software and its compatibility with IT security policies.
  • Storage and Backup: Securely storing and backing up ID card designs.
  • Skillset: Having the expertise to create custom designs and train staff.

Given these challenges, many companies find it more efficient and cost-effective to use a professional ID card printing service.

CardHero: Your Solution for Professional ID Cards

CardHero offers a hassle-free solution for all your ID card needs. With no need to purchase software, our service provides a wide selection of templates and the option to upload your own designs.

We print on high-quality PVC, access cards, mifare strips, single and dual sided, ensuring durability and professional appearance, no matter what type of card you need. For added protection, consider our holographic cards.

We handle the design and printing process, with our employee ID card maker online, via out website here. Learn more about our services and how we can help you create the perfect employee ID cards by getting in contact!

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