Why Access Control Cards?

Proximity Cards are used by companies and organizations that want to make a certain building or area only accessible by authorized personnel. To make this work, a proximity Card is given to a trusted employee who needs access into the secure area. Proximity Readers are installed in the relevant places. For the employee or authorized personnel to access the area that has Proximity Readers, the authorized personnel would need an Access control card they are required to pass their card near the reader for the door to open.

How Proximity Cards work?

When the Card is swiped at the docking station which holds the Access Control Software, the software sends to the card a code which is unique to the system and is stored on the software database for further action. Once the card has been swiped and the information has been stored on the card then all the authorized personnel has to do is pass it near the Access Control Reader once the reader has acknowledged that the card has the relevant codes access should be granted.

Proximity Cards can be used everywhere within a company, the cards can be used for access to computer networks and any other resources the company wants to control.

Proximity Card Readers and access systems are easy to install, they are very reliable and usually set up with a battery backup.

The Cards do not usually make contact with the readers as they do not need to be swiped they can be held from quite a distance depending on the type of card, because the cards do not regularly make contact with readers they tend to last alot longer than an average card.

Who uses Access Control Systems?

Many organizations use proximity systems like Hospitals, Police Head Quarters, Schools, Governments and businesses plus many more.

You may be thinking that Proximity Systems can only be used by Large Companies, this is not true. As Proximity Systems are becoming more and more popular and the demand is getting higher the prices are becoming more affordable to the smaller companies giving them that extra security.

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