Evolis Pebble 4 added to Mid month special offer

Not one or two but three ID printers on special offer this month, we bring you the Evolis Pebble 4 ID card printer to you at an unbelievable special offer price. To find out how much the printer has been reduced to please enquire.

The Pebble 4 id printer in my experience is the most reliable Direct to card printer on the market, we have been using the printer for years now and I must admit I have not come across any problems that are not easy to solve.

The printer not only looks fantastic but also performs like a trooper, the Evolis printers are in my words “built like tanks,” I have known them to print over 100,000 cards and still be fighting strong.

You may be wondering what Direct to Card printer means, a direct to card printer prints directly on to the PVC card, but the Re-transfer printer prints the design over the card not actually letting the print head touch the PVC card.

The Pebble uses the ribbon YMCKO which majority of the time this will be the case, the ribbon is used to print full colour ID cards, it is built up of five panels Y – Yellow, M – Magenta, C – Cyan, K – Black and O – Over laminate.

You may want to print just single colour, in this case you would use monochrome ribbons I.e. Red, Blue, and Green Etc.

Please note that the Evolis Pebble 4 is a single sided printer, if you need a dual sided id printer and want to stick with the Evolis range then the Evolis Dualys 3 will be the equal in quality and performance printer.

RRP £1500.00

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